Logging into Autotask PSA

First time users: completing the setup of your user account

New Autotask PSA users - except for users who will be using single sign-on (SSO) - will receive an email that contains a link that allows them to complete the setup of their user account.

IMPORTANT  To complete your account setup, you must additionally receive a separate communication from your Autotask administrator that lets you know your Username which, for security reasons, is not automatically sent from Autotask PSA! If you do not know your username, contact your Autotask Administrator or champion.

NOTE  Users who will be using Single Sign-on (SSO) will not receive a verification email. Their authentication is handled through their identity provider.

Logging in

Logging out

To log out of your session, click Logout on the user menu in the top right corner of your Autotask PSA page.

NOTE   You will be automatically logged out after 8 hours of inactivity.